What is in my handbag???

I do carry lots of random stuff in my handbag. I have a bad habit that I always prefer a big handbag in which I will put all the stuff I needed and I will carry it around. Do you remember guys in one episode of FRIENDS Ross asks for a gum and Phoebe starts searching in her bag and she takes a shoe , an egg , a fish etc.



Basically my bag is like that. It’s a Pandora box. All my colleagues will come to me if they want anything urgent like first aid , a simple make up kit for any kind of emergency. So let’s check out what I carry in my handbag

Make up essentials

Lip balm / Kajal / Compact / A small comb & mirror

What is in my handbag???

Hygiene essentials

Hand sanitizer / Wet tissues

What is in my handbag???

Body essentials 

Moisturising lotion / Deodorant

What is in my handbag???

Other essentials

Medicines – sanitary napkins / band aid

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Must haves

House key / Cards / Id proof / Mobile phone / Headset / Charger / Pen / Wallet / Water bottle / Lunch or snack box / glasses

What is in my handbag???

These are the things that I carry in my bag on a daily basis. Please share yours in the comment section below.




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