What I got for Christmas 2018

Hello my dear lovely friends


I am really thrilled and excited to write this blog. First of all I want to apologise that I totally fell off the wagon from Blogmas. I got an eye infection and afterwards hectic work schedule. Then we rearranged our whole house. Still  we have to declutter more. But I am happy that I did atleast 12 days of Blogmas.

This year Christmas was very special. I started my blog. During Blogmas I wrote about my Christmas wishlist.

You can read here : My Christmas wish list

I now feel like Santa actually read my wish list and gave me gifts from that list. I know it sounds silly.But I am super excited that most of my wishes from Christmas wish list came true this year. Yes ladies….Its true…I can’t believe that i am actually writing the wishes below that I got this year :

  1. A road trip with my husband

Yay!!!!!!!My husband took me for a road trip. It was an awesome 3 hours journey. I will definitely post a detailed blog about that trip.

What I got for Christmas 2018

2. Planner

My sister got me a beautiful planner which  I absolutely love. It has got a lovely cover page and then in the inside it has all this details like our top 3 goals for the day , Today’s schedule , To Do list and so on.. that we  have to fill.

What I got for Christmas 2018

Available here : Amazon

3. OTG

I got an oven toaster griller which I have been longing to buy for so long.

What I got for Christmas 2018

4. Juicer Mixer

Yes ladies a brand new juicer mixer from Croma. It is sleek and looks very beautiful.

What I got for Christmas 2018

5. Glass containers

Finallyyyyyy…I have been bugging my husband for replacing plastic containers with glass ones for years. Now we replaced all plastic containers with similar looking beautiful glass jars. It looks so beautiful.The whole kitchen decor looks stunning.

What I got for Christmas 2018

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So these are the things that I could actually strike off from my wishlist. Please share in the comments section how was your Christmas and what did you get for Christmas this year…..



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