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Hi my dear lovely friends

New Year is coming. So I made a list of places that I wish to visit in near future. 2018 was a slow pace year for me –  travel wise. I was not able to visit any places. 2019 I hope I would be able to tick off some places from my travel bucket list. In this list I have included the places that I have visited alone but now I want to visit along with my husband as well.

  1. London/Wales/Scotland/Ireland – Basically UK

travel bucket list

I have been to UK before and had stayed there for almost 1 year. During that time I had visited lots of places like Big Ben , London Eye , Wax museum , Greenwich parks , Tower bridge , Tube trains , South west trains ,  Edinburgh castles , Eilean Donan castle , Highlands , Dublin , Bristol , Cardiff and lots of beautiful places. This time I want to revisit all these places along with my husband.

  1. New York – US

travel bucket list

I know this does not sound like a tourist place. But whenever I see movies like Sex and the City, Bride Wars or movies about New York cities I really get fascinated by the busiest city in the world : Empire State building , Statue of Liberty , Yellow taxis , Central Park , Brooklyn bridge and so on.

  1. Switzerland

travel bucket list

I mean who can forget Raj and Simran singing duets in the beautiful landscape of Switzerland. Anybody who is an SRK fan will know how he and Yash Raj films promoted Switzerland in their movies. Being a movie freak from childhood it’s been my dream to visit those places.

  1. Thailand

travel bucket list

One of my colleagues went to Thailand on her honeymoon trip and she was praising about the ravishing views of islands, tropical forests, beaches, Buddhist temples and so on. After seeing photos of those beautiful places it compelled me to add in my travel bucket list.

  1. Positano , Italy

travel bucket list

One day me and my husband we were watching a travel show and in that show the guy mentioned about Positano , Italy. They were featuring about the places to visit, where to stay there and all. We were really mesmerised by the exquisiteness of the place and decided to include it in our travel bucket list.

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  1. Delhi , India

travel bucket list

I was in Delhi for more than 3 years and really enjoyed my stay there. The street foods, Sarojini Nagar market , Chandni Chowk market , Kamala Nagar market , INA market, Red Fort , Akshardham temple , Lotus temple , Qutub Minar , metro rides and it goes on and on..So this time I will be revisiting along with my better half.

  1. Golden temple , Amritsar – India

travel bucket list

During my stay in Delhi I had heard lot of things about the sumptuous beauty of Golden temple architecture from my friends and neighbours. I have been told that the entire top of the building is covered in gold. The Langar (a communal meal) given at the temple is said to be very tasty and very hygienic. So it’s a must visit place in my bucket list.

  1. Gangtok – India

travel bucket list

If you are a fan of mountains, hills you should definitely visit Gangtok at some point in your life. The place is blessed with beautiful weather, waterfalls, mountains and I should specially mention Nathula pass jeep ride. Really breath taking beautiful places. I visited Gangtok with my friends during college days and it was one of the most wonderful experiences I had in my life ever. Still the mesmerising beautiful place is in front of my eyes. Really I should revisit.

  1. Pondicherry – India

travel bucket list


I am a sucker for beaches. I can sit for long hours just simply staring at the beaches. Like Goa, Pondicherry is also famous for beaches. I have heard the place is a visual treat for lots of sun rises and sun sets.

  1. Mararikulam beach – India

travel bucket list

Oh my god people I have been to  lot of beaches but this is one of the best beach I have ever seen. The palm trees, golden sands oh my gosh such an astounding view. If you are a lover of beaches like me you must certainly go to this beach.


So that completes my travel bucket list. I really hope we would be visiting some of these places soon in 2019.REALLY EXCITED!!!! I will definitely update about these places when I will actually visit.

Please share your travel bucket list in the comments section below.



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  1. Love your bucket list. I want to go to Vietnam next year for two or three weeks trip.

    1. Thanks a lot Nina!!!!!!!Would love to read your post about Vietnam trip..Please do share 🙂

  2. I doubt there is anyone who would not LOVE Switzerland. It is soooo beautiful and such a magical place, a bit expensive though!

    1. Thank you for such an honest comment…True right its a bit expensive…But I am sure it would be worth the money!!!!!:-)




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