My goals for 2019 – Blogmas Day 16

I love to set goals to keep myself motivated throughout the year. It gives me a good feel to reflect through past year’s achievements/ failures and thereby giving me an opportunity to improve.

  1. Savings

My goals for 2019

This year we did good but still I think we could do better. SO that is my first goal for next year.

2. Healthy living

My goals for 2019

I don’t want to focus much on weight loss but I do strictly want to adhere to a healthy eating lifestyle and to move my body on a daily basis.

3. To renew my library membership

My goals for 2019

I used to visit library atleast once a week . Then my library membership expired and I stopped going to library.

4. Learn something new

My goals for 2019

I don’t know swimming so I want to learn that. Also I will be taking up baking classes.

5. New gadgets

My goals for 2019

My laptop is an old one so I need to replace it. Also I should buy a new camera

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6. Travel

My goals for 2019

My most important goal for next year is to explore new places.

Please share your goals for New Year in the comments section below


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