Miss Claire Waterproof eyebrow pencil – My current favorite

Hello my dear lovely friends….

How are you all..Today I want to share about my current favorite eyebrow pencil for which I am getting ample amount of compliments. I feel that ever since I have started using this eyebrow pencil it has defined my face shape.I use it everyday. Even in photos my face does not look washed out. I know you would think that’s not possible , but trust me girls it does. I never understood the importance of an eyebrow pencil in make up bag essential but once I got a hang of it I am using it on a daily basis.

I used to have thick eyebrows but during my college days. I would go to parlor and would ask them to make it very thin. I didn’t want my brows to grow quickly because I was too lazy to go for the same process again. Ultimately my eyebrows started thinning itself. One day when I looked at my photo in a family function , it felt like I didn’t have brows at all. Even though I applied good foundation , concealer , compact and everything I looked totally washed out. At that point in my life I understood the necessity of eyebrow pencil.

When I first wanted to use an eyebrow pencil I thought I will use a black eye shadow for my brows. It was fine but then I wanted to explore more affordable brow pencils.I was mindlessly googling when I noticed this Miss Claire waterproof eyebrow pencil. It is cheap so I thought why not give it a try. My god girls it is a game changer!!!!!

Miss Claire waterproof eyebrow pencil

Eyebrow pencil

It comes in two shades

  1. Black
  2. Dark brown

The product claims that the waterproof formula will ensure that there are no smudges or makeup meltdowns and your brows look sharp all day long. So lets see….

How I use Miss Claire waterproof eyebrow pencil

  1. I have typical dusky Indian skin tone and I use both Black and Dark brown shades alternatively.
  2. I bought both because I was not sure which shade will suit me. But I think you can go for dark brown shade because it really gives good pigmentation and it suits my skin tone as well. Whenever I use black shade it gives more pigmentation and sharp look for my brows which I don’t like so I use compact powder over brows to subtle it down.
  3. I would first brush my brows and then apply it as a thin line on my eye brows boundary not outer.
  4. After that I would cover my outer corner of brows and then would fill the inner side of the brows to give a natural finish.
  5. Then I would shape both brows by brushing it with the brush that comes with the eyebrow pencil.

I have normal skin and as the product claims it does stay long.It defines your eyebrows well. Its very easy to apply , hassle free.

Swatches :

Eyebrow pencil

The only drawback I would say it does not have a sharpener and if you use normal sharpener the pencil nib would break. So what I did was I bought another cheap brow pencil which I didn’t like at all and used its sharpener to sharpen Miss Claire eyebrow pencil.

Overall verdict I would say if you are a make up beginner and you want affordable good quality brow pencil you can add it in your make up bag kit.

Available here : Amazon

or available here : Nykaa


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