Love story – Valentine day special


Today I will share some personal thoughts about love since its valentine’s day. I am a person who believes that all love stories are great. If your love is meant to be definitely true love will come back to you (how much you try to chase it away..Too Cheesy right!!!).But its true..It will find its way back. You know how people say there are rules in love..I think in love nothing matters.. I too have a love story. Me and my husband met long time back during 2011 – 12 time and due to certain situation we couldn’t unite together at that time and we parted separate ways.

Later being an Indian I was forced for an arranged marriage. It was a horrible one…I didn’t know the guy..The only thing I knew about him was he had a decent education and job..It was a toxic relationship.To be very frank a typical movie kind of bad marriage  – abusive emotionally and physically. It took me 2 years to get out of that marriage and that person became ex – husband. I was in a bad condition.

Anyway down the line later after 2011 my then not lover exactly(we were not exclusive at that time) and now husband our paths crossed again. Fate made us meet again. When we met it was like no time pass by. Its like we both know we are the one. I don’t believe in soulmate and all but you know its a great feeling to find some one who knows you  , understands you and supports you no matter what. I am really grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful person in my life. I sometimes feel like God or Universe is compensating for all the crappy years/relationship that I have been through. I am really thankful and grateful that I am in a happy place now. I could start this blog because of the support I get from my partner.

Of course we have our melt downs , fights , disagreements everything and we would even feel like to scratch each other’s face but we know for sure that whatever difference of opinion or fight we have now  , we have to resolve that quickly and move forward with our life together. We both know that the fight we have now would be of no meaning in the future and we would definitely laugh about it.

Do you know that my husband never say I LOVE YOU to me. I mean never!!!!!! But I know that he don’t have to because he ensures that I have green tea after my lunch , he cleans up my mess when I am down with fever , he makes phone call to ensure that I am taking my medicines properly on time and most importantly he ensures that I am safe always. So I think these small things does not make our love less romantic it makes it even more romantic. Even though I have huge deal of respect and admiration for valentine’s day I believe that when you are happy in a relationship everyday is valentine’s day you don’t have to restrict yourself to one day to celebrate love.

I am and always have been and will be a positive person.So for all my single gals out there who had their share of crappy relationships , bad break ups or any other broken hearts don’t give up your hope on love. I am not saying that love will complete you or finding correct partner is the purpose of your life..No definitely not..Love yourself first.Being complete or incomplete is definitely in your hands. Nobody else can make you feel complete other than you. I am just saying having a partner who understands you , supports you and to whom you can unleash your tiredness (just kidding) is a good feel. Don’t stop yourself from taking that one step towards love just based on your past experiences in love. Have a positive outlook in your life and you will be amazed the wonderful things life has to offer to you…

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Love story – Valentine day special

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