Gift ideas for parents – Blogmas Day 8


I have to bite my nails whenever I think of gift ideas for my parents. They already have everything in their life. Our parents are like they will be super happy with whatever gifts we give even if it is a small thing or a big. They will be like “We already have things similar to this why you had to spend so much money???” So I gave a serious thought about things they might want but they will not buy it on their own:

  1. Introduction to technology
Gift ideas for parents

Our parents might be having smartphones / laptops but they won’t be using it too much.  We can help them by teaching how to use various apps and other technology things available in the phones/laptops.

  •  A security system / safety alarm system
Gift ideas for parents

Most of our parents might be staying alone. If it is not available we can set up security system or safety alarms at their house.

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  • Plants
Gift ideas for parents

My mom loves gardening. So we can give them plants or seeds of different varieties.Even we can help them to set up a garden.

  • Photo collage

We can create a photo collage of their young self. Our childhood photos with them.

  • Tickets/ Hotel bookings to pilgrimage
Gift ideas for parents

My parents are spiritual people. So we can give tickets or even book hotels in the pilgrim places that they might have mentioned to visit. Or simply if they like to travel we can book tickets or hotels for the places they want to visit.

  • Spiritual gift items
Gift ideas for parents

Related to the above point since my parents are spiritual we can give them gifts like some spiritual books / CDs / videos / idles / statues.

  • Jewellery
Gift ideas for parents

This is a common gift for everybody. But we can personalise it by giving a locket with family photo enclosed.

  • Watch
Gift ideas for parents

Again a common gift. But we can engrave their names, date of birth , marriage anniversary year or date.

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  • Appliances
Gift ideas for parents

Replacing any appliances that are in repairing condition (which they might have been procrastinating to replace) with a brand new one.

  • A surprise visit
Gift ideas for parents

The biggest gift would be to visit them personally. It should not be considered as a gift but still that would be a nice gesture.


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