Favorite things about Christmas – Blogmas Day 9

As today is Blogmas Day 9 I thought I will share my 9 favorite things about Christmas

  1.  Winter

Even though I love summer season I do like the chillness in December. We don’t have snow or proper winter season in the place where I am staying. But we do have a chill climate through out this month which I like.So that’s my first favorite thing about Christmas.

Favorite things about Christmas

2. The Holidays

When I was studying I used to get full 10 – 15 days of Christmas vacation and our parents used to take us out for trips , kind of family get together. That was nice.

Favorite things about Christmas

3. Santa Claus

From my childhood I like Santa Claus. I mean who doesn’t. Even if we believe or not I am sure everybody likes Santa Claus.

Favorite things about Christmas

4. Gifts

In our office we have secret Santa. We share gifts with each other. Also we get presents from our family.

Favorite things about Christmas

5. Cakes / Chocolates

During Christmas in our place we get specifically home made Cakes & Chocolates

Favorite things about Christmas

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 6. Christmas trees

Everywhere beautifully decorated Christmas tree can be seen.. Which is awesome!!!!!

7. Decorations

During Christmas time we can see beautifully decorated ornaments , beautifully lighted streets.

Favorite things about Christmas

8. Christmas carol

I mean who don’t like music..

9. New year

When its Christmas time I always feel that it also brings along with the hope of a bright & prosperous New Year….

Please share your favorite things about Christmas time….


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