Affordable lipsticks for Indian dusky skin tone

Hello my dear lovely friends…

I am really excited to start this blog. This is my first blog post so all the very best to me!!!! Today I am going to share my opinion about 2 lipsticks which is my all time favorites and I have been using it for past 1 year. Oh my gosh girls!!! you won’t believe the complements I get whenever I wear these lipsticks. Everybody in my office , family ,  friends ask about these lipsticks , even those who don’t like to wear lipsticks on a daily basis also ask me about this particular shades and have started using it. So without much blabbering I will share the details of the products :

  1. C.A.L Angeles Intense Dry Matte Lipstick , Renewing rose , 3.5g



As you can see I have almost used it to the core. It can be used by office/college going ladies on a daily basis. It is really affordable. When I bought it during December last year the price was around Rs 375/- approx.  . Oh my dear girls it is a must have in your make up collection ,specially for Indian dusky skin tone. I would say :

  • It is good matte lipstick.
  • Gives you a nice nude lips with a light touch of rose shade.
  • Really makes your lips look fuller I mean you can immediately see it while you apply.
  • I think for fair to medium skin tone it will give a pinkish shade and not very nude but it will definitely suit your lips.
  • It has this very light tiny glossy touch which helps your lips not to dry completely.
  • If you see the product description it claims that exquisitely long stay. About that I would say yes it stays tact till your lunch time , but after that it does not stay that much. I mean it won’t wash out completely but it fades away. By evening it really fades away but won’t vanish away and in my lips it leaves a thin very negligible lining if I don’t give a touch up. But I think for such price range its really worth buying!!!

Must have beauties, in your lipstick collection..A big thumbs up!!!!!!

My second choice is :

2.  Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Lip Color , Rose Divine , 4.2g


This is my go to lipstick. I always have it in my bag.As you can see mine is almost over.I would like to say :

  • It is not matte but it has a shiny glossy finish in a nice way.
  • Makes your lips feel moisturized.
  • Has a nice creamy smell which I like.
  • It has a bend towards maroony shade. For my skin tone this shade really brightens up my face.
  • Its not long lasting. By noon it will vanish from your lips and you will have to give a touch up but will not leave any lining as it has a kind of moisturizing effect on your lips.
  • Really affordable. When I bought it last year it was almost around Rs 275/-.

For dusky skin tone beauties this shade gives a touch of color in between pinkish and maroon shade. Once when my colleague used this lipstick , who has very fair skin tone used this shade gave a touch of color in between maroon and red burgandy. One more advantage of this product for me is I use it as a blush and also as an eye shadow when I am in a hurry.

So I would say just go for it girls. Another must have in your collection!!!!

I have included swatches of these lipsticks and also a bonus trick as well at the end :

Bonus tip : You will get an amazing shade when you mix both these lipstick together. I really don’t know how to describe the shade so I have included it in the swatches(third from the left).

I hope you all enjoy reading my own opinions about these 2 lovely lipsticks. Please leave your valuable comments below.







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