4 steps to prep your face for makeup application


You heard it right ladies. Today we will be discussing about steps to prep your face for a flawless makeup. We all know that it is one of the most crucial step in our daily make up routine.  I know lot of us out there skip this part. We all can agree that we don’t have enough time (or lazy) to do any of these things . But you know the saying a little effort goes a long way….

So I will explain the whole step by step procedure.  I promise you it is not complicated at all.

  1. Cleansing

You can use any cleansing products available in the market or the product that you are currently using will also do good. The goal here is to get a clean face. I generally prefer any face wash or sometimes in a hurry I will even use soap.  The soap that I use is Khadi natural pure lavender soap. Available here : Amazon

4 steps to prep your face for makeup application

After that I will use a clean towel to dry my face.  Next step is:

  1. Toning

Previously I used simple rose water as a toner.  You can even try that also. Now I am using Biotique Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Toner with Himalayan Waters. Available here : Amazon

I had written a separate review for that.  You can check it here : My current favorites!!!!!

4 steps to prep your face for makeup application

  1. Moisturise

You have to moisturise your skin even if it is warm,  cold or rainy season. Take a gentle amount of moisturiser and If you got time just enjoy a nice massage by applying it all over your face. I usually do my make up in a hurry so I will take a small amount and dab it on my face. I have normal skin so it works for me.  Oily skin people will have to be careful while choosing the moisturiser. Try to choose a gel based or oil free moisturiser otherwise it may lead to break outs.

4 steps to prep your face for makeup application

After applying moisturiser you have to give some minutes for the skin to absorb it. While waiting for it you can do your hair or pack your lunch. The next step is very crucial don’t skip it.

  1. Primer

I never liked to use primer unless until I have to attend a party or marriage functions etc for a long lasting make up. So I was little bit reluctant to include primer in my daily make up routine.  The result was:  I stay in a humid climate place and by the end of the day my face will be oily and there will be patches of foundation all over my face. Urggghhh… But I found out an easy solution for that. I started using an aloevera gel. You can try any aloevera gel available in the market that suits your skin. I use Patanjali Soundarya aloe vera gel.  Available here : Amazon

This is really good one.  After applying moisturiser and giving it a cooling off period to absorb that I take a generous amount of aloe vera gel and dab it on my whole face.

4 steps to prep your face for makeup application

I have seen good results after using this technique. Now till evening my makeup remains intact.  This primer technique worked for me.  I really hope this technique works on you as well.

So that’s it!!! Now our face is ready for a flawless make up.

Additional tip : You can add 1 more step after moisturiser that is to include sunscreen. I skip this part because in my moisturiser itself it has good SPF.


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